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And HERE we go again (sort of) !

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

It has been along time since I posted more happenings. Well everything just shut down, especially until the new elections (and we are still sort of waiting!) I see a few signs of the new normal of our lives trying to creep back in. So far things are good for me for the things that count!

Just finished the IFAC Studio - Holiday Faire. The city of Irvine has been especially conservative about how they are reopening due to the pandemic. This event was well spaced out and everyone, that I could see, were mask/distance behaving. The online tickets were sold out and people still got in at the gate. They could only let 200 people per hour for distance and things were well organize and maintained! Thank you Susie Munger, staff, and volunteers of IFAC!

Here are a few images of my booth and fountains! I know my booth looks sparse because I sold a lot! Enjoy! Stay safe and well! >Randy Au

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