Here is what I am doing IN 2021

as we slowly start opening back up to in person events!

ART Sale (new show):   Patchwork/Tustin 

  •  Saturday- Sunday, June 26-27, 2021 (this past weekend!)


This is a new PATCHWORK show in the city of Tustin. It was a huge success!


Held in the Old Town Tustin area (where the Farmer's Market is),  245 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA. 11am-5pm.


Another wonderful Modern Makers Festival. I was there Saturday and Sunday! Lots of handmade ceramics and more mushrooms went to good homes! Yeah, I know I am crazy to do four shows in one month! At least this was the last one for awhile. 

>I think my NEXT SHOW will not be until September and certainly doing the Artistic License Fair in October. So, stay tune! This will give me lots of time to make work!