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And then there was 2020!

Here is the Orange County School of the Arts in Santa Ana, California.

I have been teaching here since 2002 after having decided never to teach Art.

It was the best promise I ever broke. The students, staff, teachers, administrators, and leaders of OCSA are like no other community of individuals committed to each other and to the creativity and advancement of the Arts.

OCSA has had more than it's share of challenging events, no more so than now. Along with all the other educational institutions in the nation, the ideals and methods of teaching are being overturned to make way for a virus we know little about. Change and adaption, perseverance and grit are what are called for at this time.

I mourn for this generation, especially our incredible Seniors who having done so much to have lost so much. They need all our support. This time and circumstance will forever leave it's mark on them and how they respond will be the character that will move then forward or hold them back!

Students of OCSA, you are the only bright future that we have to bring us through this crisis. Show us your imagination, creativity, determination to find new answers to old challenges and responses to those yet to come. You can and will lead the way, we are counting on you!

The campus is green and clean and waiting to welcome you back to fill it's rooms and halls and streets with your laughter and joy! I promise we will rise from this stronger and more passionate about who we are and what we do!

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