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Welcome to my home page.    It is now 2024!
HERE you will see WHERE I am SHOWING and what I am doing.


Au_Randy_fruit_bowl (2).jpg
  • Functional/Craft works: of the more unusual pieces are cream and sugar sets of my own design; fermentation jars; and Tajin cooking pots. Cups and bowls of various kinds round out the offerings. Function has always been an inspiration and adds an intimate personal interaction between the viewer/user and the artist. I use all aspects of wheel throwing, hand building, and casting techniques. Check out my new SPECIALTY section for ashtrays I am making.

  • The Sculptural work is the "Icon " Series based off of Gothic Icons and modern Asian Street   Shrines.

  • My Collectible work "Vegetable Series" is sculptural and personal. I make my own molds from   organic forms. The resulting ceramic shapes are then reassembled and embellished into one of         a kind and edition works. 

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